Monday, 14 June 2010

Lib Dems won’t give up the trappings of opposition

It might be five and half weeks since the election, but some of our duly elected representatives are still without an office in the Commons.
One Westcountry MP tells me that some “Liberal Democrat colleagues are being difficult about their moving arrangements”.

In English, this apparently means some veterans “have rather nice offices and don’t want to leave them”. They have been given less salubrious billets by the whips.

As a result, some of the new intake are still squatting in the offices of rather more helpful colleagues.

So much for the new politics.


  1. This is of course complete and utter rubbish, but it makes good knocking copy against the Lib Dems. Having lost MPs there are a number of former Lib Dem MP offices that are vacant and will be allocated to other parties by the House Authorities - they may already have been allocated to others but their accommodation whips haven't yet got their act together to hand them over to new MPs. There are a number of grand offices that have been vacated by defeated senior Tory and Labour MPs, including a very large Conservative allocation office next to mine that has been vacant since before the election. The last occupant was Derek Conway MP.

  2. Sorry to disappoint Adrian. This has come direct from a horse's mouth.