Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Maybe someone should have a look at Vince’s Twitter feed

Ah, the perils of the web. As Vince Cable is confirmed as Business Secretary, it might be worth whoever operates his Twitter account either taking it down or removing some of the less complimentary comments about his new Cabinet colleagues.

Tory Inheritance Tax cut costs £6bn and benefits 3000 wealthiest estates 3:05 PM May 2nd via web
Labour and the Tories are as bad as each other. Their plans would drive public finances into the ground 11:48 AM Apr 1st via web
Tory policy on NICs is school boy economics 1:15 PM Mar 29th via web
Osborne is out of his depth 7:01 PM Feb 24th via web
Labour and Tories are accusing each other of being confused and contradictory on the economy, and they're both right. 1:44 PM Feb 1st via web
Tories confused about cuts 4:09 PM Jan 29th via web
Lack of clarity in Labour and Tory approaches to banks 10:29 AM Dec 7th, 2009 via web

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