Monday, 3 May 2010

Someone in Labour HQ has a good idea shock

Few would argue the Labour campaign thus far has been great. One of the big surprises is why the Tories aren't doing better given how woeful the Labour effort has been. Bigotgate, Elvis and even today photos of Gordon Brown praying in front of a stained glass window suggest there is no real direction or control.

So knock me down with a feather. This video on the Labour party site, taking a satirical swipe at David Cameron's Big Society, is smart and funny with a strong message.

Even if there is an argument for people getting more involved in their communities instead of relying on the state, this cleverly portrays a busy mum trying to run a home as well as most of the public sector. The moment when she is looking for yet another ringing phone in her messy kitchen and answers "hello parole board" and claiming there are always breakouts at the prison when The Robinsons are in charge were particularly good.


  1. Satire from the government is poor work. A government which seeks another five years should have more to say than this. A campaign which only features the rubbishing of opponents is the clearest means of saying "we have nothing positive to offer." Labour is a busted flush. If this is all they can come up with, they deserve their oblivion.

  2. He who pays the piper calls the tune,and the 'Big Society' will still be state funded & played by the Governments rules.

    I'm not too impressed either by Labour's negative campaigning style. However I did enjoy the video,a light hearted piece of fun which will have no effect on the way I vote.

    Hopefully Cameron has already made a note to excuse the Robinson's from prison duties.