Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ash means Darling misses debate

Alistair Darling has been in Plymouth this morning, the first Labour minister to show their face in the Westcountry since the election was called.
I’m told he caught the last flight out of City Airport this morning, before all other planes were grounded. He now faces a 10-hour train ride back to Edinburgh, meaning he will not be home until long after tonight’s leader’s debates have finished.
He was asked what the impact of this shutdown would be on the economy:
“What matters more than anything else is safety and the decision has been taken simply because it is not safe to let aircraft fly in these conditions.
“I don’t think it will have any material effect on the economy because I don’t think the signs are it is going to go on for too long.
“Any disruption is damaging but what you have to look at in terms of our longer term development is there are more fundamental questions. This is very irritating for travellers. I think most people given the choice would say safety trumps everything else.”
I also pointed out to him that while Labour ministers have not shown their face down in these parts, there are plenty of giant posters featuring a grinning Gordon Brown. Tory posters.
Is the PM an electoral asset for Labour?
“What happened to David Cameron’s promise to end Punch and Judy politics?”
Answering a question with a different question. May of that what you will.

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