Friday, 23 April 2010

One more visit then home

If it's Friday, it must be Ed Miliband in Exeter. The energy secretary today becomes only the fourth Labour cabinet minister to make it to the Westcountry since the campaign began.
Tory and Lib Dem teams report seeing little Labour activity outside Exeter and Plymouth. Certainly the number of roadside signs I've seen this week, from Plymouth to Saltash to Redruth to Truro to St Austell to Newquay to Plymouth, suggests the Labour party is not bothering much in Cornwall.
No doubt they'll be on to me immediately to put me right.
After a busy week, I'm not sure if a huge amount has changed in the campaign. Certainly the Clegg effect nationally is having a more limited impact in the Westcountry, where, for good or bad, people know the Lib Dems and their leader pretty well already.
But Cameron still struggles to cut through here. Deals are far from being sealed, and any gains are likely to be more about local candidates and a strong anti-Brown sentiment.
Anyway, the sun's out. A weekend at home beckons.

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