Monday, 26 April 2010

What is it with UKIP and spelling their own constituencies?

Candidates are often caught out by surveys by local papers asking what they know about the constituency they want to represent.
But surely they should be able to spell the name of the seat. Iain Dale had a story last night of Emmett Jenner spelling Chislehurst as Chiselburst on a leaflet.

And in Cornwall a UKIP has been forced to apologise after his official election address spelt the name of his seat wrong.

In a bizarre release, Derek Elliott, UKIP candidate for Camborne and Redruth pinned the blame on a London-based UKIP official for putting a ‘U’ in the spelling of Camborne.

He said: “I cannot apologise enough to the people of Camborne for this ridiculous typing error, which has regrettably distracted attention from UKIP’s winning policies of job creation, opposing mass house building, and uncontrolled immigration.”

UKIP South West regional organiser Steve Crowther also apologised and because he is based in Barnstaple in Devon, felt the need to highlight the fact that he is half Cornish.

“The mistake was actually made by someone in our production team in London”, he said.

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