Thursday, 22 April 2010

Leaders debate verdict

Brown better. Cameron better. Clegg not as good. So, it was more even-handed than last week.
No longer got the novelty of this debating lark being new.
Sky are now getting live verdicts. D. Miliband says Brown won. L. Fox calls it for Cameron. P. Ashdown thinks Clegg beat the two "old ugly sisters" of politics. Also bravely claimed Clegg was "master of the debate".
If anyone came out of it well, I would nudge it for Cameron. Did much better than last week, arguably back in the race but landed no knock out blow. Clegg was solid, but occasionally too confident, hand in pocket, when he was being attacked. Good summing up statement. The "something is happening" line gets round the argument that he won't be PM.
Brown is staking his claim on being the man who got us in this mess so will get us out of it.
No gamechanger here. Suspect polls will tighten even more.
Cameron 36%
Clegg 32% (down from 51% last week)
Brown 29% (10% up)


  1. Compare Cameron in 2010 with Blair in 1997. Cameron didn't look Prime Ministerial. In fact, he looked panicked. I'm far from being a Lib Dem but Clegg took it by a nose from Brown for me.

  2. Why don't you publish the figures of the other two polls published after the debate that showed Clegg in front?