Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Turning up the heat

Watching the 'bigotgate' fiasco being played out on a pub TV screen at lunchtime was agony. The subtitles meant its awfulness was delivered in slow motion.
Labour's hopes of seizing the initiative in the campaign are now doomed. All those people I met on the Marginal Mystery Tour who felt sorry for Brown will, I suspect, be turning their back on him.
Worse than the unnecessary comment about the Labour voter was the attempt to blame anyone else but himself.
Meanwhile, here in Exeter, Ed Balls has made a naked plea to Lib Dem voters to unite with Labour to "stop the Conservatives".
Eric Pickles in Newton Abbot said Mr Brown's comments were the sort of dark thoughts a politician should only "whisper to your teddy bear".
And for reasons known only to staff at my hotel, the heating in my room is on full blast.
I know Exeter is home to the much-maligned Met Office, but surely they can realise it is boiling outside?

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  1. Its to get the climate change point across from Yesterday Mat, guess it was Mr Clegg's fault