Saturday, 17 April 2010

Now Harman cosies up to the Lib-Dems

Alan Johnson is at it in The Times. Gordon Brown has tried it. The Tories want to play it up, thinking it will affect their support.
Now Harriet Harman in today's Western Morning News tries to cosy up to the Lib-Dems. She urges
Westcountry voters to basically do whatever they can to keep David Cameron out of Number 10, which in most of the region's seats means voting Lib-Dem.
The key quotes:
"It will be either David Cameron or Gordon Brown in Number 10 after the election.
"People have seen Gordon Brown and they know what he is doing on the economy and his concern about unemployment and jobs."
Ms Harman said there are "a lot of areas of agreement" between the two parties, including calls for reform of the voting system and the House of Lords.
"The Lib-Dems have supported a number of quite important steps Gordon Brown has taken to blunt the impact of the global recession."
Although space meant it didn't make the cut in the paper, she added that voters "will be thinking 'is my vote going to mean David Cameron might end up in Number 10'?".
So don't vote for Labour but just stop Cameron.
She said Cameron was "supposed to be the one to watch" in the TV debates, but "didn't win it".
Interestingly, she refused several opportunities to say Gordon Brown did win the debate - and did not mention Nick Clegg by name at all.


  1. Given Clegg has said he would work with a Tory administration the only way to keep the Tories out is not to vote Tory or Lib Dem. Yet again you add your own interpretation to what was actually said here! (As you did in previous report about Peter Mandelson).

    Charlotte MacKenzie
    Labour candidate for Truro and Falmouth

  2. Charlotte,

    You're just the same as he is and your message is nearly identical. You both want to claim that a vote for Lib Dems is really a vote for another party, but in reality a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for...the Lib Dems, and that's what you're both scared of.

    The only way to ensure electoral reform is to vote for the party that has always promised it, the Lib Dems. Both of the main parties have little chance of an overall majority now, so this is all about who will work with the LDs to achieve the deep electoral reform we deserve as a nation.

    The Tories are committed to the current voting system, and in 13 years of government Labour have done nothing to fix things. You've left people with no choice but to vote for the party that fights to fix these problems.

    Please, end your campaign now and help us fight these last 2 weeks. You know you can't possibly win, but together we could achieve great things in the future. We know you're a good person, you're just a little misguided yet we live in hope that you'll see the light and join us.

    Love and best wishes,

    Falmouth & Truro Constituency