Monday, 19 April 2010

David Davis: I'm happy to serve

David Davis has been campaigning in Devon today. The former shadow home secretary was doing his bit for Torridge and West Devon Conservative Geoffrey Cox, who defends a 2,732 majority over the Lib-Dems.
Mr Cox should have been a shoe-in, until Nick Clegg-mania gripped the nation.
I spoke to Davis briefly this afternoon, and he was withering about Lib-Dem policies, including the "daft" regional immigration plan ("iron curtains across Devon and Cornwall?") and suggested that in the event of a Lib-Lab coalition, Clegg and co would be impotent in reversing Brown's ID cards and "authoritarian databases".
But would Davis consider a return to the Tory front bench, after his sojourn to campaign on civil liberties?
“I have always said ‘I’m easy’.
“I enjoy being a backbencher. I am perfectly happy to serve if I am needed.”
He stressed the decision was not his.
But with the polls as they are, it could be all hands on deck.


  1. Well, that explained a lot. Have you considered how little reliable information you've delivered recent days? Your coverage is almost surreal.

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