Friday, 16 April 2010

Lib-Dem defection latest

It seems I am a little ahead of the game.
An official announcement on the two Westcountry Lib-Den councillors defecting to the Tories is not now expected until Monday.
A joint statement will be prepared over the weekend, going into some detail about the attraction of David Cameron's Liberal Conservative pitch.
It will prove a boost for Tory high command ahead of high profile visits by both parties leaders expected to the region next week.


  1. This should happen. Clegg and Cable have united
    in an all-but-name coalition with Labour which have the effect of shoring up Brown's dire leadership maintaining catastrophic borrow and spend policies until after the election when they plan to raise taxes on the 'middle class' (i.e. anyone in paid employment, cut services to the 'middle class' (ditto).

    Clegg has already joined in Brown's scporched-earth policy by declaring that a Conservative victory would lead to riots in the streets.

    Clegg must be forced to acknowledge that he cannot continue to be all things to all men, despite the favourable media comment he has just now received.

    When the reckoning comes he will be found to have short arms and deep empty pockets.

  2. @anonymous A comment driven by Daily Mail drivel? Good grief, interesting given that there would seem to be a hunger for a hung parliament and a new politics amongst the electorate.

    I can understand your anger, I feel your pain, the prospect of real change is daunting to those who find the status quo to be in their interests.

  3. So, it's Monday - where is this announcement of which you speak?

    Give us the goods, or quit talking trash.

    This was a good example of why people are moving to the Lib Dems.