Friday, 16 April 2010

Calm down Lib-Dem dears

Put away the tapemeasures, Lib-Dems. No need to size up the curtains just yet.
Before Taunton's Jeremy Browne turns up at the Treasury with his pocket calculator or SE Cornwall PPC Karen Gillard ponders what to do at the Home Office, the Lib-Dems - particularly the uber-excitable ones on Twitter and the blogs - need to chill out.
Nick Clegg is not - NOT - going to be Prime Minister. If the Tories have a mountain to climb to return to power, the Lib-Dems are stood at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, wondering where Everest even is.
Putting in a good turn on the telly is a vital - but single - skill for a wannabe PM.
But winning a juggling contest just makes you a good juggler, not somone able to run the whole circus.
In the Westcountry, a strong Lib-Dem showing could cost the Tories a majority, plunging us into hung parliament territory: which remains the Lib-Dems' best hope.
On a separate note, all the hype over Clegg's strong performance and Cameron's faltering outing, overlooks the fact that Brown was as uninspiring and wooden as everyone expected, which is why no-one is bothering to comment on it today.

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  1. You are such a partisan Tory - even the Daily Telegraph praised Clegg!