Monday, 26 April 2010

The leaders send mixed messages - no wonder voters are confused

So, Clegg won't prop up Brown. Brown needs Clegg. Cameron doesn't want to want Clegg, but Ashdown says Clegg can't work with Cameron.
Meanwhile, the Tories spin that they are now focussing on Labour seats in the north which they previously felt were out of reach.
But just when cats across the Westcountry thought it was safe to doze behind the front door, another 500,000 Tory leaflets are being sent to target Lib Dem marginals.
The ongoing excitement of the Lib Dems holding their place in the polls disguises the truly shocking picture for Labour, trailling in third in more polls than not.
Party managers are growing increasingly concerned about Ben Bradshaw's seat in Exeter, where aides admit it is "neck and neck" with Tory Hannah Foster. The Tory love-bombing in Plymouth could also pay dividends in Linda Gilroy's seat.
The Lib Dems hope that Nick Clegg's ongoing popularity on the national stage will save them in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, though activists admit they have not seen a huge surge in support on the doorstep in the last two weeks, in part because the Lib Dems are already well known in the region.
So, Monday morning on the train to Plymouth. While the final result will go down to the wire, this could be the week when the election is won or lost by one of the three main parties.


  1. As confusing as reporting defections from the Lib Dems to the Conservatives that turn out to be a Conservative Councillor defecting to the Lib Dems in Adur, Sussex. My point is you need to know all the facts before drawing a conclusion, and all Clegg has said is that if Brown tries to stay at number 10 having come third in the popular vote, we won't sustain him there.

  2. Matt - You're reporting that Ben Bradshaw is "neck and neck" with Conservative Hannah Foster, but this is Labour spin to try to squeeze the LibDem vote. Take a look at Electoral Calculus. They're reporting that Graham Oakes has overtaken Hannah Foster. The LibDems are the main challenger to Labour in Exeter.